Efco Pole Hedge Cutter Ds2800h 3 Year Warranty Save Over £100 Free Fast Delivery

RRP £525 Our Price Including Next day delivery £409.99A lightweight, powerful and robust pole hedge cutter, the Efco DS2800H gives you the to confidence to tackle all types of hedge, no matter how high or dense, without the use of a ladder.The Efco DS2800H features a 1.4m shaft and blade rotatable through 12 positions from 0º to 180º for maximum working flexibility and will cut to approximately 3.5 metres in height.Quality blades and gearbox ensure consistent long-term efficiency and maximum productivity with the minimum effort. The steel blades are adjustable to any operating situation. The professional grade aluminium gear case, drive linkage with pinion carried in bearings and rods with rollers, all combine to deliver long life, low noise and minimal vibration. The primer system facilitates cold starting. A digital coil with electronic rpm limiter ensures that mechanical output remains constant at any engine speed. Ignition advance aids easy starting and low fuel consumption, whilst the anti-vibration system ensures isolation of the handles.Efco s heavy duty petrol engined models with high quality steel blades are designed with the user in mind, combining lightweight with high efficiency, vibration damping systems and ergonomic handles with all controls in easy finger reach. Power: 1.3hp Blade Type: Double blade Shaft Length: 1.4 metres Blade Rotation: 12 positions through 0 - 180o Cutting Height: 3.5 metres Weight: 7.5kg Product description:The DS2800H hedgetrimmer is brilliant for those hard to reach hedges, plants and bushes. It can reach hedges up to 3 meters in height without any need of ladders or platforms, ensuring that the overall working time is much shorter than other hedgetrimmers. The powerful and professional grade 2-stroke engine with 27 cc displacement and high power output, ensure that this hedgecutter is environmentally friendly with low emissions, and neighbourhood friendly with low noise levels. It is also incredibly fuel efficient saving time and money.The high quality 500 mm double steel blade features cutting edges to ensure an accurate clean cut that safeguards the health of the hedge to allow robust future growth.The cutting system is adjustable through 12 positions between 0°-180°. The rear hand grip allows all the controls to be readily available, such as the throttle trigger, safety lever and start/stop switch.The DS2800H has a drastic reduction in noise and vibration thanks to the anti-vibration elements and self lubricating bearings. There is also an anti-vibration element on the engine cowling.Featuring a primer device which means that starting from cold (after re-fuelling or after idle periods of use) is not a problem. For extended durability, the DS2800H is supplied with a tough aluminium housing that is ideal for working in the toughest of conditions.This hedgetrimmer is ideal for the discerning gardener with large hedges that need tackling as well as the professional user. ABOUT EFCO.....Efco manufactures a complete range of high performance garden machinery to meet every need.Lawn mowers, garden tractors, ride-on lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge cutters, chainsaws, blowers and more ... all backed by a nationwide network of Efco specialist dealers.Efco s programme of new product development has r

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