Westwood Transmission Drive Belt Set 1688 7726 (2281110a) T1200 S1300 1100 T1600

EAST-LAWN on EBAY Please email me by using: [email protected] ~X~ TRACTOR DRIVE BELT SET(two belts) This listing is for the two long belts, transmission PTO drive. Part Numbers:we 1688 we 7726 FOR MANUAL GEARBOX WESTWOOD TRACTORS. Fits: Westwood S800, S1100, S1300, S1600, T1200, T1250, T1600, T1800 D1200. The 2000 Series, Gazelle, (some W6, W8, W11 W16) 1010 1012 AND LASER L80, L95, L110 L120 . These two belts are the long ones that run from the Engine to the manual gearbox and the PTO drive at the rear. Please see my extra photos for help with I.D. I stock a wide range of belts for Westwood Countax machines including Engine to PTO and Hydrostatic transmission belts. The belts on your tractor are a crucial part for it s reliability, that s why it is always worth fitting good quality belts. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT QUALITY BRAND REPLACEMENT FOR: WESTWOOD PART NUMBER: we 1688 we 7726 1688 IS NOW KNOWN BY COUNTAX AS PART NUMBER cx 2281110AA TYPICAL OVER THE COUNTER PRICE IS £58.00 + EAST-LAWN PRICE £19.50 WHY NOT TAKE TWO SETS AND KEEP A SPARE PAIR IN STOCK. ~FAST POSTAGE~ BELTS ARE SENT BY FIRST CLASS POST 2013 RM NEW PRICES, POST PACKAGE TO YOUR DOOR NOW £3.30 OR £3.50 FOR TWO. PLEASE LOOK AT MY OTHER ITEMS AND THE FEEDBACK LEFT BY MY MANY HAPPY CUSTOMERS. RDM-X.03.a82a84

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