E-l Drive Belt For 36″ Deck Westwood Mower We 1721-42-4908 T1200 T1400 T1600 Etc

EAST-LAWN on EBAY SALES CONTACT: [email protected] aol.com NEW DRIVE BELT FOR A WESTWOOD 36 INCH CUT (TWIN BLADE) CUTTER DECK. This is the big belt that takes the drive from the engine to the two cutter deck pullies on a standard 36 Deck. It fits a wide range of Westwood machines built from 1980 > 1997 with the 36 cutter deck. BUT NOT ONES WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC ENGAGEMENT (DROP ME A LINE I CAN STILL HELP WITH THOSE) GAZELLE S1000 S1100 T1200 T1250 S1300 T1400 T1600 T1800 1012 2000series To make sure this belt will fit your machine look for the numbers 1721 or 1721-42-4908 on the outside edge of your old belt. If no number can be seen then measure around the outside of your old belt. If it s 180cm +/- 2cm then this one will fit. THESE ARE GOOD QUALITY BELTS THAT ARE OIL AND HEAT RESISTANT AND ANTI-STATIC THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE REQURED ON A WESTWOOD MACHINE. DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR WESTWOOD PART NUMBER WE-1721-42-4908 A TYPICAL DEALER PRICE IS OVER £30.00 FIRST CLASS POSTING PACKAGE FOR JUST £3.00 OR GET TWO FOR JUST 20p MORE! ...PLEASE LOOK AT MY OTHER ITEMS AND READ THE FEEDBACK LEFT BY MY PAST CUSTOMERS... Collection in person from HQ is also fine by us EAST-LAWN PRICE IS £11.30 EACH PLEASE ALSO LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER WESTWOOD COUNTAX PARTS IN MY SHOP

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