Sanli Ls40 Push Petrol Lawnmower Mower

Here I am selling a Sanli mower which could be used as a source of spares or repaired.It was new in 2011 but has not had heavy use in the 5/6 seasons since. Probably less than 8 or so cuts per season. I don t have a large lawn. The mower is missing its original throttle and governor mechanism [which was damaged] along with the brake lever.There is a makeshift throttle arrangement in place which does enable the engine to run albeit not very well as there is no control of the choke or governor. I have seen the required parts listed on ebay more recently but they weren t available when I needed them, hence the jury-rigged replacement.Everything else is in fair condition ie the engine, the basic carburettor, the base, the grass basket. It was once a good little mower and perhaps could be again.Cash on collection only from Crowthorne, Berkshire. RG45.Thanks for looking.

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