Ride-on Mower Xpider Xt1392pm 12.5 Hp Briggs & Stratton Engine Speed 6 1

Ride-on mower Xpider XT1392PM 12.5 HP BRIGGS STRATTON Engine speed 6 1 Ride-on mower 12.5 HP Xpider Briggs Stratton 6 1 gears, rack, 12.5 hp, mower Mod XT1392PM The XT1392PM tractor with Briggs Stratton 12,5 HP is suitable for flat terrain and small hills. The discharge antriore will satisfy not only for convenience, but also for the duration, also guarantees every time a perfect cut and an excellent collection capacity. Model: XT1392PM Engine: Briggs Stratton Displacement: 344 cc Cylinders: 1 Power: 6.2/2,800 kW/rpm Maximum power hp: 12.5 Fuel tank capacity: 3.8 L Transmission: 6-speed gearbox Pivot bar: steel Turning radius: 46 cm Wheel Size: 15x6/18x9, 5 Cutting width: 92 cm Exhaust: back Blade engagement: manual Cutting height adjustment: 30/95 mm Positions of cutting decks: 5 Mulch kit: - Deflector rear/side: - Sacco collection: 240 L Weight: 195 Kg Measurements: L 225 x W 99xA103 Particular profile view Particular front view Pivoting front axle: ensures optimum balance and stability and a smooth ride also on uneven floors perfectly. Body entirely made of stainless steel tiles: unlike the better competition still has all the fairings plastic, making it much more robust and duraturo.Inoltre the body is painted with fire (like a car!), Thus allowing him to keep alive the color even after many years. Particular template position lights with high efficiency even for poorly lit working situations. Lever cutting height of the cutting deck with 5 different heights. Powerful Briggs Stratton brand new original series 3-125 (released this year on the market) actual net power 12.5 HP and 344 CC. These engines most famous in the world, both in the field of tractors that the gardening industry and agriculture in general. In this case it is a latest generation engine with overhead valves. Briggs Stratton are MADE IN USA Briggs Stratton, the world leader in engine has a super-network of over 500 service centers in Italy! WARNING: today many tractors on the market with motors without make (unknown brand) Made in CHINA Detail of oil cap Top view of engine Briggs Stratton Made in USA Model 3-125 from 344 CC Detail of the fuel tank cap Detail of the front muffler Detail of the ignition system Detail of change Robust mechanical gearbox with 6 forward 1 reverse: simple, reliable, durable Particolareleva acceleration Particular focus Aria useful for cold start Detail of cut lever hearty dish monolama: Effective cutting width 92 cm. Detail of the summary table functions tractor placed on the floor of the tractor Detail of brake Particularly the instrument panel, ignition, lighting controls Detail of the arm in steel Detail of the front wheel resistant rubber and high quality Excellent turning radius. record, the first ever of its kind. Allows very easy maneuvering and reduced in most small spaces. Detail of the rear wheel, a different diameter than the front, to ensure greater stability Tire size large: They guarantee greater respect for the turf and the best possible traction on a lawn tractor Detail of flat steel blades Ergonomic seat rubber to ensure a high comfort Battery compartment under the seat of the tractor Special rear view Particular the hopper, profile view large bagger audible alarm sack: starts playing as soon as the rear bag

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