Ride On Lawnmower 42inch Honda Hf2216 – Gcv530 2 Cylinder V Twin 16hp

Lawn Tractor with great Honda Engine - only 330 hours use. Regular service, Oil change, new filters, for 2013 season. New drive belt, and new toothed belt (blades) Aug 2009. New blades for 2013. Battery is 3 yrs old but holds charge well and engine fires up really easily. Tyres are good, and seat really comfortable. Grass collector in good condition. Problem areas are the condition of cutting deck - small holes appeared in top and around water cleaning points - these have been repaired with fibre glass mating and repainted with hamerite. The grass collector pole is stuck in extended position. All paint work is looking tired and some of the decals are peeling. Notwithstanding that, the tractor cuts the lawn well, manoeuvers well with smooth transition from forward to reverse. you are welcome to view and see demonstration.

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