Qualcast & Electric Lawnmower Extension Cable 15 Metres

ELECTRIC LAWNMOWER 15 METRE EXTENSION CABLE WITH RE-WIREABLE 2 PIN CONNECTOR PLUG SOCKET. Checkout our ebay shop for more lawnmower spares and accessories. Features include Suitable for double insulated (Class II) appliances with ratings at 240 Volt of up to 6 Ampere (1500 Watt). These appliances will be fitted with a two core cable and require no earth. All current Qualcast Electric Lawnmowers, Lawnrakers, Hedgecutters and Nylon Line Trimmers can be used with this product. Should the existing plug fitted to your product be incompatible with your Power Line extension then it may be replaced with by the 2 pin connector provided (instructions included). MS Part No: 0069

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