Ngk Spark Plug Bpmr7a 4626 Efco Jet Brushcutters 8250, 8300/50/55, 8400/05/60/65

Home About Us Delivery Returns FAQs Contact Us Enlarge NGK Spark Plug BPMR7A 4626 EFCO JET Brushcutters 8250, 8300/50/55, 8400/05/60/65 £3.29 COMPATIBILITY TABLE Important Note: The above Fitment Guide is only intended to be used as a guide to identify if the listing fits your vehicle and NEVER a guarantee due to variations on Chassis or Engine number! Only use the appropriate part that is designed for use with your application – the following link provides a useful guide in determining the part to the intended application. NGK Part Finder Before purchasing an item please check carefully things like dimensions and other standard fitment criteria before ordering to make sure you get the correct part first time and upon receipt it is recommended that you also check against the part to be replaced. Whilst care has been taken in compiling this list of applications, they are given for general guidance only, and do not constitute any contractual term, representation or warranty, and as such Automotive Parts Distribution Ltd do not accept any responsibility in respect of any claim, whatsoever and howsoever, caused arising from the publication of these listings. NGK Spark Plugs NGK has the technology to produce plugs for every type of automotive engine, as well as for motorcycles, marine, horticultural and many other applications. NGK produces and stocks over 1,000 different types of plug.Each one matches even the most demanding manufacturers specifications. Which is no doubt why NGK are the world s No.1 spark plug. Please refer to the compatibility tab to ensure correct fitment with your vehicle. Please note that the images used are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product received may differ slightly from that shown. Please note the details from the listing to establish whether this part will fit your vehicle MakeCategoryModelGap mm ALPINABlowers/VacsBL 250H, BL 620B0.6 ALPINABrushcuttersStar 31D, Star 36D0.5 ALPINABrushcuttersStar 41, Star 41D, Star 41F0.5 ALPINABrushcuttersStar 45DP, Star 45FP, Star 45P0.5 ALPINABrushcuttersStar 55DP, Star 55FP, Star 55P0.5 ALPINAChainsawsP 6800.6 ALPINAChainsawsPR 2700.6 DOLMARBlowers/VacsPB-500 R0.6 DOLMARBrushcuttersMS-45100.5 DOLMARChainsawsPS-34, PS-45, PS-350, PS-420, PS-460, PS-510, PS-600, PS-3410-TH, PS-5100, PS-51050.5 DOLMARChainsawsPS-6400, PS-6800, PS-7300, PS-7900, PS-9000, PS-90100.5 DOLMAREngines309, 343 Happy Start0.5 DOLMAREnginesLT300.5 DOLMAREnginesMS30C0.6 DOLMAREnginesPD4910.6 DOLMARPower CuttersPC-6430, PC-6435, PC-6530, PC-6535, PC-7330, PC-73350.5 DOLMARPower CuttersPC-7430, PC-7435, PC-8135, PC-8140, PC-82400.5 ECHOAugers/DrillsEA400, EA5000.6 ECHOBrushcuttersSRM-5000U0.6 EFCO JETBlowers/VacsSA 20620.5 EFCO JETBrushcutters8250, 8300/50/55, 8400/05/60/65, 8530/35/500.5 EFCO JETBrushcuttersDS 3800, DS 42000.5 EFCO JETBrushcuttersStark 25, 37, 420.5 EFCO JETBrushcuttersStark 37000.5 EFCO JETChainsaws125, 137, 141, 1990.5 EFCO JETHedge TrimmersTG 2600, TG 27500.5 EFCO JETSprayersIS 20260.5 EFCO JETTrimmersPT/X 25000.5 FLYMOGrass Mowers - AirborneL3000.6 HOMELITEEnginesHT17, HT21, HX160.6 HUSQVARNAAugers/Drills225AI15, 225AI250.5 HUSQVARNABlowers/Vacs24B0.6 HUSQVARNABlowers/Vacs125Bx, 125BVx0.6 HUSQVARNABlowers/Vacs141B, 155B, 165BT0.6 HUSQVARNABlowers/Vacs225B, 225BX, 225HBV, 35

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