Mtd Self-propelled Lawnmower (spares Or Repair)

This is a petrol driven mower that was last used approx.2years ago and has been standing in the shed for all that time.It can be started after several pulls on the starter but it really needs a full service.The 2 plastic switches on the handle are broken and need replacing.One switch keeps it running and now you have to hold it down or it will stop.I have only a small lawn and it is too big and unwieldy for me,I now have a flymow.There are lots of numbers and figures on it and I list them here : MTD Products Ltd. 5hp MOD 50QTM21 488-SP6M 124-488C611 AD1724 3 Lwa 100 I ve no idea what it all means but maybe you do ! It is very dirty and requires a full service and maybe a few parts but it worked very well for me and was used on a farm prior to me I am disabled now so I cannot demonstrate if you like it but you are free to try it yourself on collection.

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