Mtd Ride On Mower Dash – Fascia – Control Panel. Garden Tractor – Lawn Mower

PLEASE READ THE LISTING CAREFULLY. YOU ARE NOT BIDDING FOR THE COMPLETE MOWER. You are bidding for the plastic dash panel (only) from the Red MTD the mower in the photo. This is just the panel, not the steering wheel, cables or any other parts. Legal note. Please read Due to the amount of people thinking they don t need to pay for items they win I have been forced to add this YOUR BIDS ARE LEGALLY BINDING AND CAN AND WILL BE ENFORCED THROUGH THE COUNTY COURTS IF YOU DO NOT PAY FOR ITEMS YOU WIN. I HAVE ALREADY OBTAINED COURT ORDERS AGAINST TWO NON PAYERS AND WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE THE SAME COURSE OF ACTION AGAINST ANYONE THAT DOES NOT TO PAY FOR ANY ITEM OF MINE THAT THEY WIN REGARDLESS OF THE AMOUNT THEY OWE ME. THERE IS NO DEFENCE FOR NOT PAYING AND IT IS EASY TO ENFORCE THIS CONTRACT. We are all familiar with the numerous listings that say Re-listed due to non payer Unfortunately until Ebay stops being so greedy and starts taking action against non payers by instantly banning them this appalling practice will continue. The people that do this think they can get away with it because ebay won t make them pay or ban them.

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