Mountfield 1430h Ride On Lawn Mower

The Mountfield 1430H is new,and is the first sub 36 cut tractor to feature a twin bladed cutting system.The blades are contra rotating which direct the grass clippings through the rear chute into the 240 litre collector,and provides excellent results.Powered by a GGP 432cc OHV engine,the 1430H is fitted with a hydrostatic gearbox which is foot operated.Other features a comfortable high back seat which includes a safety switch which cuts the engine off if the operator leaves the seat,light steering and an excellent turning circle.The blades are engaged using a switch on the dashboard which engages an electric clutch,and will stop the blades in 3 seconds.The 33 cutter deck features a twin bladed system,and the cutter deck features a wash port facillity for easy cleaning.You can also buy a rear discharge chute,and mulching plug as an accessorie if you do not wish to collect the grass.The mower is only 12 months old and has been used about 12 times.

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