Husqvarna Cth160 Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor

This is my beloved long serving 36 cut Husqvarna CTH 160 Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor. It is off the key and running with nearly a full tank of fuel having been recently serviced and the cutting blades resharpened. The mower is a few years old now and has had the grass collector repainted in Husqvarna orange to match the tractor, the seat has a small split and is covered by tape as seen in the photo. But my does it cut and collect the grass very well. Your welcome to try it on our 3 acres. Why am i selling it, well her indoors thinks I m mad as it more than does the job, but i wanted a 50 cut Diesel Lawn tractor and the £6000 machine has now arrived. So to sum it up, its a 36 cutting Husqvarna CTH Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor with a whole heap of life left in her, she starts off the key first time, she cuts very beautifully. She is still pretty although its age does show a little. She has had some paint, relatively rust free, no holes etc. No smoke from the engine and the cup holder works. I can help with delivery at a cost if you wish to enquire. Happy bidding !! Call me (ANDY) if you need to ask anything 07824 532242

Categories: Briggs & Stratton