Honda Ride On Lawn Mower

This is my failed attempt at fixing my lawnmowers sticking starter motor! Until I started trying to remove enough bits to reach the sticky starter motor it was working perfectly. Unfortunately I got as far as the flywheel and gave up, and then left the project for 2 years! It has gained a little rust since then! I now need the space so have to admit defeat and sell the mower. I have attempted to take pictures from all angles to give you the best chance of seeing all of the mower, I am sure that with a lot of TLC this could work again, I have kept all the screws / bolts etc that I removed so reassembly should not be an issue. If not then these mowers are close to £2000 new and I am sure there are many parts on this that could be used to save others! Thank you for reading my tale of woe and look forward to your bids to help me buy another mower that works.

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