Honda Hydrostatic 2113 Ride On Petrol Lawn Tractor Mower

This is an auction for our Honda Hydrostatic 2113 ride on mower. It is in need of service and repair. Please do not bid unless you are willing to refurbish the mower before use. We ve had it for 12 years and it has been a great mower, but now needs some attention. It s not been serviced for 3 years and I’ve listed all the known issues below so you can decide if this is for you or not. Needs a new battery (I ve been jumped starting it to get going).You have to give the handle a fast and hard push to engage the cutter. It was fine all last season but this year it stops as soon as the mower touches long grass. I pretty sure it needs a new belt and/or tightening up all round. The safety switch on the seat is temperamental. Sometimes I sit on the seat and the engine cuts off, other times its fine.The blade may need replacing or sharpening. I’m no expert but as the last service was 3 years ago I would factor this in. It was cutting the grass ok at the end of last season.It drives forward and backwards with no problems and it’s always been kept in a garage. It comes with a grass collector and a rear grass shoot attachment. Our lawn is large, but is in lots of separate pieces so we’ve decided to sell the ride on and buy a push mower. Collection only, with cleared Paypal payment. I plan to let the auction run to its conclusion to please don’t ask to end it early. Please get in touch with any questions and I would be happy to send more photos if there is a view you would like to see. Happy bidding

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