Honda Hf2220 Hl Ride On Lawnmower + Tow Hitch

will add photos later today.. This is the Hydrostatic version - which means you have a pedal - which you press down for forward and lean back to reverse - simples - no manual gear changes.. Been stored in dry garage for last 18 months. Moved from larger/garden to smaller one blah blah.. and now (finally!!) got around to attempting to sell it. The battery is currently very nearly dead, I had to jump start from car a couple of weeks ago.. it runs fine. I m going to take the battery up to the local dealer to see if they can breathe some life into it. I ll update the listing when I find out what s what.. Bought 21-May-2003, Total hours 150. Was regulary serviced. Never used commerically - just by me. A few marks and a bit of rust age. On 31-Mar-14 at 09:28:32 BST, seller added the following information: UPDATED: ADDED NEW PHOTOS, TOTAL HOURS IS 159. MODEL IS 2216H. (SORRY FOR CONFUSION,,).. JUMP STARTED YESTERDAY. RAN FINE. On 31-Mar-14 at 09:39:52 BST, seller added the following information: added scan from user guide about size. max width is 1050mmmax height is 1070mmmax length with grass catcher is 2300mmmax length without grass catcher is 1780

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