Honda 4514 Ride On Mower Spares Or Repair 38” Deck, Engine Runs, Water Cooled

For Sale Honda 4514 Ride on Mower as a Spares or Repair Machine Spares or Repair as it has some issues.. I see the previous owner has fitted a brand new starter motor which has not been fitted correctly which allows the starter to run loose. This means that the starter is rubs on the flywheel when engine is running. However looks to be an easy fix of simply tightening up of some bolts. Blade didnt want to engage which I sourced the problem of a missing belt somewhere underneath the deck. I am sure a safety feature is the associated problem to this as the engine would stop when I tried to engage the blades / drive forward or back therefore can not sell as working condition The mower is missing the grass collector bag and the mower is genreally a bit worn with dents in body work etc However the engine starts on the key, runs nicely with plenty of go in her without any water leaks As the photos show there are a large amount of spares to be included in the sale This is includes four brand new belts for various uses and a number of bearings, pulleys, battery charger, engine parts etc. I know that these are worth good money especially with sealed honda bags with part numbers. In general the mower is a bit rough, however I am sure someone will be able to have this cutting again in no time, or alternatively have a large amount of valuable parts. It is a SPARES OR REPAIR sale Cash on collection I can deliver locally at cost Viewing Welcome Uk Buyers Only Please do have a look at my other mower related items Any questions please ask Thank you

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