Hayter 13/30 Ride On Mower

This mower has had very little occassional use. There is the grass bag with it. The Hayter Heritage 13/30 is a ride-on lawn tractor that features a traditional steering wheel design. This Hayter lawn mower features easy-to-use controls such as an electric start. Even though it features a compact design, it is well suited even for large lawns. The tight turning radius of 1520 mm means that the Hayter Heritage 13/30 is manoeuvrable in tight spaces. It has a 76 centimetres cutting width, and it uses a spinning metal blade to cut the grass. It also has six cutting heights, which range from 25 mm to 89 mm. This Hayter Heritage 13/30 features an offset, fully floating deck. This means that users can make clean cuts close to fences and walls. This Hayter lawn mower weighs about 190 kg and runs on unleaded petrol. It features a tank capacity of 3.8 L, and it has a top speed of nearly 7 km an hour. This lawn tractor can be used with a grass bag for grass collection, or a deflector chute.

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