Fully Restored Vintage Qualcast Panther Push Lawnmower

Welcome to the sale of this fully restored Qualcast Panther. A little about myself, I am a retired pensioner and I like to collect and restore these wonderful old Lawnmowers as a hobby, I m not in it to make a vast profit (although one would be nice) These really are a good quality lawnmower made out of proper steel and not at all like the modern plastic stuff, they were made between the 1940 s up to around 1960, this particular one is from the 1960 s, so in purchasing this lawnmower you are preserving a little of our great British manufacturing past. To start with I completely stripped the lawnmower of all its parts and inspected for what items were worn beyond preservation,All parts of the lawnmower was then sandblasted clean by myself to remove all of the old layers of paint and also to remove any rust as you can see in the photo s. On inspection the bronze bearings for the rear roller needed nothing more than cleaning and greasing, the ball bearings each side of the cutting cylinder (for which these lawnmowers were famous for) needed nothing more than cleaning and re-packing with new grease. The driving chain was beyond saving, I had to have a new one specially made for me. The cutting cylinder has been re-sharpened/re-ground. The bottom blade was replaced for a new one. The chain cover was beyond repair so I made a new one from some sheet steel. The front wood rollers were too far worn so I have replaced them with new one s made from Canadian Oak. The lawnmower retains its original rubber grip handles as these are still in good condition. All parts of the lawnmower were then painted with a metal primer prior to the re-painting. To complete the lawnmower I purchased and fitted new transfers to the chain cover and grass collection box (these are vinyl copies of the originals) The lawnmower is for collection only (unless you arrange your own courier) and can be viewed at my home at anytime by arrangement. Cash on collection only please. Thank you for taking the time to look at my listing.

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