E-l Westwood Drive V-belt Engine – Gearbox 1688 2281110a T1200 1400 1100 1600

EAST-LAWN on EBAY Please email me by using: [email protected] ~X~ TRACTOR DRIVE BELT we 1688 / cx 2281110A FOR MANUAL GEARBOX WESTWOOD TRACTORS. Fits: Westwood S800, S1100, S1300, S1600, T1200, T1250, T1600, T1800 D1200. The 2000 Series, Gazelle, W6, W8, W11 W16, 1010 1012 AND LASER L80, L95, L110 L120 . This V belt runs from the Engine to the manual gearbox on all the above models. Please see my extra photos for help with I.D. I stock a wide range of belts for Westwood Countax machines including Engine to PTO and Hydrostatic transmission belts. The belts on your tractor are a crucial part for it s reliability, that s why it is always worth fitting good quality belts. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT QUALITY DUNLOP OR MEDWAY REPLACEMENT FOR: WESTWOOD PART NUMBER: we 1688 NOW KNOWN BY COUNTAX AS PART NUMBER cx 2281110A TOP TIPS FOR A LONG HAPPY BELT LIFE Prevent slippage by keep them tensioned correctly, free from grease and oil and watch out for noisy seizing bearings. A TYPICAL OVER THE COUNTER PRICE IS £29.00 + EAST-LAWN PRICE £10.50 WHY NOT TAKE TWO AND KEEP A SPARE IN STOCK. ~FAST POSTAGE~ BELTS ARE SENT BY FIRST CLASS POST 2013 RM NEW PRICES, POST PACKAGE TO YOUR DOOR NOW £3.30 OR £3.60 FOR TWO. PLEASE LOOK AT MY OTHER ITEMS AND THE FEEDBACK LEFT BY MY MANY HAPPY CUSTOMERS. RDM-X.03.a82

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