Castel Garden Twin Cut Ride On Mower 12.5hp

Here we have a Castel Garden Twin cut with a Briggs and Stratton 12.5hp engine. The mower has been in storage for a couple of years so will probably need some love and attention. However, I pulled it out the shed last weekend, charged the battery, fitted a new spark plug, put some fresh petrol in the tank and Yippee it started straight away! A bit smoky and the engine missed and popped for a while, then settled down to a smooth tick over. The next day the mower started first time, so drove it round the garden, blades engaged no problems and all gears work. That s as far as I know about the mower. Deck looks good, no holes and mower comes with collector net. As the mower has been laid up for some time, could probably do with a service and a check over. I have no use for it myself as it came with the missus when she moved in, and I ve only got a small lawn. Thanks for looking. Sold as seen and to be collected by winning bidder.

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