32cm Lawnmower Blade For Qualcast 1450w Hover Mower 2glm14a0013000a

32cm Qualcast Rotary Hover Mower Metal Blade Fits Qualcast 1450w Hover Mover (and others) Part No: 2GLM14A0013000A Make: Positec This was the original blade fitted to my Qualcast 1450w Hover Mower. The make is positec (Worx). Blade was used for about half a season before removal (mower failed) and is in good working condition with only a few very minor dings on the cutting edges (see pics) so does not yet require sharpening. These blades seem quite difficult to source and can be expensive (£18-£20) so this would make an ideal replacement/spare. Low start (£2), so grab a bargain.! - good luck. Postage Packing is £1.75, UK only - via Royal Mail (1st).

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